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Utkarsh Foundation Classes provide a unique opportunity for kids to excel in Academics by providing Individually Focused Advanced Courses with practical learning in Maths, Science & Logical Reasoning at the right age. The needs of each student are different. Our program is individually focused and is intelligently driven by AI based technology, providing tailor-made course material by tracking the progress of our students at each step with our Advanced APP. This results in the enhancement of overall skills of our students that not only helps them in achieving top ranks in Olympiads but also builds a strong foundation for IIT JEE and NEET. Runnnnn..... As fast as you can!

Focused Education

Focus on laying a strong foundation that aims to develop the habit of advanced learning in your child without putting any extra burden.

Unique Classes

Individual focus and attention during the full length of the program; providing tailor-made, concise and concrete course material.

Conceptual Teaching

Practical Learning in our Science & Maths Laboratory; demonstrating concepts of not only Physics, Chemistry and Biology but also of Mathematics.


In today’s competitive world, the regular school studies are not enough to take your child to a level where he/she can be an achiever even if the child is a topper in his or her class.

The reason being the NCERT books do not offer the required exposure. Students need not refer to CBSE or any other reference books and still, they can score sufficiently well till class 10th creating an impression of performing well. But the difficulty level from class 11th onwards increases exponentially and if the student hasn’t developed a habit of studying strategically it will be difficult for him or her to cope with the sudden pressure, many times, resulting in failure and disappointment.

"The Olympiads such as RMO / INMO / HOMC / NSEJS / INJSO even expect students in class 8/9 to know basic MSc. level mathematics, advanced science and complex reasoning; yet there are students who are cracking these exams too! How do they study? What methodology do they follow? "

This is what we teach at UFC – a place where your child learns mathematics, science and reasoning holistically. With our unique ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) driven approach along with EXPERIMENTAL & CONCEPTUAL Learning, we focus on laying a strong foundation at an early stage. Our all-round approach helps your child develop a habit of advanced learning without putting any extra pressure.




Every child is different, therefore we ensure individual focus during the program and provide precise tailor-made course material based on the children's individual need.

Learning is never a burden at our classes, children rather love the way we teach. We work at conceptual level to make our students thoroughly understand the subject using our lab D.I.Y. kits for various activities for both Science and Mathematics.

Apart from regular classes we also hold extra/recap classes for further clarification and practice on need basis.

We also conduct regular individual assessments and focus on practice by giving tailor-made worksheets, mock tests and sample papers.


Here at Utkarsh Foundation Classes, we are dedicated to bring excellence in every child by augmenting the curriculum along with experimental learning but without putting any extra burden in a professional mannar with sole endeavour to make every child a winner.

✓ Classroom and online coaching for Science, Maths and Logical Reasoning
✓ Individual attentions and tailormade program
✓ Highest teacher to student ratio of 1 : 3
✓ Custom homegrown UFC App to support the whole program and track progress
✓ Conceptual learning through state of art Science & Maths Lab
✓ Special recap classes & Mock Tests
✓ Result oriented approach
✓ Foundation for IIT JEE & NEET
✓ For students of Classes upto 10th std only
✓ Target based approach − Ensuring our students get A1-A3 batch in institutes such as FIITJEE, VMC or in KOTA with scholarships worth 4-5 Lakhs !


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